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How we are making patients more comfortable in the office......

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

In order to ensure the safety of our clients and staff,our office will be instituting the following requirements and protocols at our studio. Our goal is to build comfort and confidence through our daily practices.

High Risk Clients: If you are considered a high-risk patient, please let us know when your appointment is made. We will make special arrangements to have the waiting room cleared and escort you right to the treatment room.

Making Payments: We have arranged a contact-free credit card swipe at the check out window to make it more convenient for you. We are also happy to take payment information over the phone.

No Symptom Zone: Preventing the spread of infectious diseases must be a top priority for the patients of Osteopathic Center for Healing. If you have any symptoms possibly related to having an infectious disease, we kindly ask that you wait until you are healthy to schedule an appointment. If you become sick between booking your appointment and arriving, please reschedule. Our cancellation policy is simple: give us a heads up, no penalty. Please understand that we reserve the right to cancel or stop your appointment if you appear to be sick. If you have been in contact with someone who has been sick within 2 weeks of your appointment, please do not come and reschedule.If you have traveled recently, we are asking that you please wait two weeks before coming to see us.

Face Protection: We ask that you wear a face mask at all times when entering the office and during your treatment time with us. Should your treatment require you to take your mask off to receive treatment period and then replace it immediately.

Physiciall Distancing: Our lobby is big enough for waiting clients to be at least 6 feet apart. Please try to arrive on time to the studio within a couple mins of your appointment. Every effort is being made to meet you at the door and escort you back to the treatment room as soon as you arrive.

Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Staff Safety Protocols: Osteopathic Center for Healing has always maintained strict sanitation practices and we are now going even further for your protection. There will be additional hand sanitizing stations in the waiting room/at check out and in every room. If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable, gloves will be provided when you walk into the office upon request and can be discarded before you leave. We have 10 min breaks in between each appointment to wipe down all surface areas with disinfectant wipes and will clean the whole patient room after each day.

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