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About Me: Welcome
Board Certified Physician Assistant
Specializing in Functional & Aesthetic Medicine 

With a firm professional background in traditional and functional medicine, Jennifer has blended the best of both to deliver personalized care to her patients. After receiving her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Virginia, where she was a member of the women’s swim team, she went on to complete her degree in Physician Assistant Studies.  She went on to complete the Schering Corporation Fellowship Program in Liver Disease in 1999 with excellence and distinction. During the fellowship, she was an integral part of establishing and running the Frederick County Hepatitis Clinic in Frederick, MD. The central mission of the clinic was to diagnose and treat Hepatitis C in the under-served and under-insured population in Western Maryland.  

In 2000 Jennifer joined The Washington Clinic as a Primary Care PA and saw patients acutely and preventatively within a multi-specialty facility which promoted collaboration with many different physicians with a team-treatment approach.  In 2003, she was given the opportunity to join the oncology practice of Dr. Frederick Smith in Chevy Chase, MD. Here she was the lead PA and was tasked with navigating cancer patients and their families through the chemotherapy treatment process and, in many cases, dealing with the dying process. During this time, Jennifer was instrumental in incorporating nutritional considerations as well as acupuncture to treatment protocols. These modalities allowed many patients to recover more quickly between treatments while experiencing reduced nausea and a bolstered immune system.

In 2007, Jennifer became the Clinical Director at Restorasis Health and Sylvana Med Spa.  During her 12 years at this practice, she acquired extensive aesthetic skills as well as experience in Hormone Replacement and Functional and Regenerative Medicine.  She has been an aesthetic trainer for many MD’s, PA’s., CRNP’s, and RNs all over the east coast and prides herself on creating a natural look for those wanting dermal fillers and neuromodulators.  Jennifer has completed Functional Medicine training through The Institute for Functional Medicine as well as the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine. For over a decade, she continues to enable patients to optimize their hormone, thyroid, and adrenal functions by using lifestyle modifications as well as nutrition and nutritional supplements in conjunction with traditional medications, if needed.  

Jennifer joined the Osteopathic Center for Healing in November 2019.  Jennifer brings over 20 years of patient-centered, personalized clinical practice to the team.  She looks at patients as a “whole person” and helps to formulate ways to help patients look as good as they feel and feel as good as they look.   Working collaboratively with Dr. Spiegel to ensure the best possible patient outcomes, Jennifer follows the Functional Medicine approach, which utilizes conventional and integrative treatments by assessing all aspects of an individual’s lifestyle, genetics, environment, emotions, beliefs, and social relationships which influence health and disease.

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